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Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana

Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana: The Road to Cana - James Naughton, Anne Rice This is a first person autobiographic narrative by the person known to history as Jesus of Nazareth. This book covers the period of time of several months leading into the beginning of his ministry. Since it is a novel it can cover a lot of details that are left out of the Gospel accounts. Thus this book can describe many details of events that are not covered in the New Testament. For example, this book explains how the valuable gifts brought by the wise men at the time of Jesus' birth ended up being used by the family. Also, this book explains what Satan looked like during his visit with Jesus during the forty days and forty nights in the wilderness. Now that I know the answers to those questions from this book, I can't imagine the answers being any different. I guess I should also mention that this book explains in detail how Jesus can have all those brothers and sisters and his mother still be a perpetual virgin.

The author has done her historical research and has done a good job describing the geographic and historical context of the time. However, she has strictly limited her use of history to only those facts that are compatible with the orthodox understanding of who Jesus was. Thus, this book can be comfortably read by people with traditional Christian beliefs. Her many years of writing about Vampires has helped her develop the skills needed to write a story about a young man who is God. Only Anne Rice could write such a narrative in first person and end up with a half believable account.

This is the second book in a series of novels about the life of Jesus. The reader will want to read Christ The Lord: Out Of Egypt before this book to get the story in the correct chronological order.