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Emma: A Widow among the Amish; A True Story Woven by Strands of Faith, and Community

Emma: A Widow among the Amish; A True Story Woven by Strands of Faith, and Community - Ervin R. Stutzman,  Foreword by Rachel Nafziger Hartzler This is a sequel to the book, "Tobias of the Amish" (Link to my review). This book is the story of the author's mother, Emma, beginning at the time of his father's death. It is thus the story of her experiences of being left a widowed mother of six children and the subsequent life among the Amish.

Of course, being left a widow with young children is not a happy event. However, from this book I would surmise that if it is going to happen, having it happen within an Amish community is one of the better places for it to happen. She was able to move back to her home community where a house was built for her and her children.

This book, like the Tobias book, is written in the form of a novelized biography. It is basically a true story, but is told by an omniscient narrator capable of describing the inner thoughts and feelings of the book's characters together will their dialog. The story ends up being surprisingly interesting given the fact that it's a story of ordinary people living plain ordinary lives. Some readers may find this kind of story not all that interesting. However, I had enough in common with those in the story that I found it fascinating.

It's worth noting that the following web address provides some pictures that supplement this book. For example, the plan of her house and farmstead as well as the friendship quilt that was given to Emma when she left Iowa.