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Girl in Hyacinth Blue

Girl In Hyacinth Blue - Susan Vreeland I listened to the audio of this book before my Goodreads.com days, therefore I don't have my own review. However, here is a review from today's PageADay Book Lover's Calendar that reminded me of the book:

In this riveting novel, Susan Vreeland imagines a long-lost Vermeer masterpiece. She follows the painting back in time, through its various owners, finally ending in Delft, where she identifies the subject of the painting and allows the girl in question to tell her own moving story. Full of originality as well as history.
GIRL IN HYACINTH BLUE, by Susan Vreeland (1999; Penguin, 2000)

I remember being somewhat disappointed with this book in comparison to Vreeland's other book, ">The Passion of Artemisia, which I highly recommend.