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The Nonviolent God - J. Denny Weaver

This books restates the author’s nonviolent atonement motif that was proposed in his previous book, The Nonviolent Atonement, and then proceeds to (1) confirm that this understanding of the character of God is broadly supported by all parts of the Bible, and (2) suggest examples in daily life how this can be lived in typical daily life. In sum the book provides an approach to and understanding of Christian theology with which people from Anabaptist traditions can be comfortable.

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The following is the Table of Contents for this book which I've placed here to help me on writing more on this review.


1. Jesus in Acts and the Gospels
_a. The Earliest Statements: Acts
_b. Expanded Statements: The Gospels
_c. The Significance of the Resurrection
_d. Narrative Christus Victor: Round One
__(1) The Story as Atonement Motif
__(2) Characteristics of Narrative Christus Victor

2. Jesus in Revelation and Paul
_a. Revelation
__(1) Reading Revelation
__(2) The Message of Revelation
__(3) The Seven Seals
__(4) Beautiful Woman versus Dragon
__(5) Preliminary Conclusion
__(6) Wrath, Judgment, and Divine Violence
__(7) The Rider on the white Horse and Armageddon
__(8) Millennium and Great White Throne
_b. Narrative Christus Victor: Round Two
_c. Narrative Christus Victor: Round Three
__(1) The Writing of Paul
__(2) Jesus’ Death as a Sacrifice

3. Engaging Atonement Tradition
_a. Traditional Atonement Images
_b. From Narrative Christus Victor to Satisfaction Atonement
_c. Responding to Challenges
__(1) The Challenge of Paul
__(2) The Challenge of Newness
__(3) The Challenges of Threefold Synthesis and of Keeping One Version but Not Another
__(4) The Challenge of Guilt

4. Divine Violence: Bible versus Bible
_a. Biblical Violence and Divine Violence
__(1) Divine Violence: Old Testament
__(2) Divine Violence: The Gospels
__(3) Divine Violence: Today’s Version
_b. The Bible: Another Look
__(1) The Old Testament
__(2) Counters to Gospel Violence

5. The Conversation about God
_a. God versus God
_b. An Arbiter: The Narrative of Jesus
_c. The Authority of the bible
_d. Anger, Wrath, and Judgment
_e. Why It Matters


6. Christology and the Body of Christ
_a. Five New Testament Christologies
_b. Nicea-Constantinople, Cappadocian Trinity, Chalcedon
_c. Conversation of Christology
_d. Lived Christology Today
_e. The Church as the Lived Narrative of Jesus
__(1) Baptism: Creation of a New World
__(2) The Church: A Community
__(3) A Voluntary Church
__(4) A Peace Church

7. Violence and Nonviolence
_a. The Nonviolence of Lived Theology
__(1) God in the Image of Humankind
__(2) Jesus’ Nonviolence
__(3) Nonviolence Applied

8. Atonement, Violence, and Forgiveness
_a. Forgiveness in Narrative Christus Victor
_b. Forgiveness in Satisfaction Atonement
_c. The Practice of Forgiveness: Retributive Justice
_d. The Practice of Forgiveness: Psychology
_e. The Practice of Forgiveness: Restorative Justice

9. Race, Gender, Money
_a. Jesus and Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation
_b. Jesus and Women
_c. Jesus and Economics
__(1) A Warning: The Unholy Troika
__(2) The Lord’s Supper: An Economic Model
__(3) Baptism and Lord’s Supper as “Sacraments”

10. Nature and Suffering
_a. Jesus and Nature
_b. Two Kinds of Suffering

11. Conclusion
_a. The Reign of God Today
_b. Trinity
_c. The New Jerusalem
__(1) Version One
__(2) Version Two
_d. Works Cited
_e. Index