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MIDDLESEX , by Jeffrey Eugenides (2002; Picador, 2007)

Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides

I listened to the audio version of this book in 2003 or 04 before my Goodreads.com days. I remember being surprised how interesting and well written the story was in spite of my squeamishness regarding the subject of sexual ambiguity. The following review is from PageADay's Book Lover's Calendar for 12-27-2013. 

This Pulitzer Prize–winning novel tells the baroque and utterly fascinating story of a girl who decides to become a boy only to find out that she was really a boy all along. Are you following? Jeffrey Eugenides’s wonderful book has such an engaging protagonist with such a big heart that any initial confusion will quickly fall away. Enjoy the ride. If you do, then pick up his long-awaited third novel, The Marriage Plot.
MIDDLESEX , by Jeffrey Eugenides (2002; Picador, 2007)