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The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins, Lalla Ward The goal of this book is to promote atheism. I am a Christian, and I agreed with much of this book. How can that be? Well, I agree with Paul Tillich's statement that, "Atheism is a correct response to the ‘objectively’ existing God of literalistic thought”. (Tillich is a famous theologian for those that didn't know.) My complaint with this book is that it simplistically portrays two choices; (1) Belief in the traditional theistic concept of God, or (2) Atheism. There happen to be some other concepts of God between these two extremes that are ignored by this book. The book dismisses the more liberal concepts of God as irrelevant because they don't reflect the commonly understood meaning of the word God. Sadly I acknowledge, that may be true. Thus, most of the readers of the 1.5 million copies sold of the English version (it's been translated into 31 languages) are not aware of any choices other than the two aforementioned. I believe strong atheism's insistence that there be no God is analogous to the world-of-words saying that there be no poetry, to the world-of-sounds saying that there be no music, and to the world-of-sight saying that there is no graphic art. Why limit the creativity of the human mind in its quest to find meaning its own existence?