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Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women's Rights - Diane Eickhoff This is non-fiction history written at its best. Revolutionary Heart is both well researched and skillfully written to keep the reader's attention. And if you live in Vermont, Kansas, or northern California you have an additional reason to read this book because Clarina has roots in your part of the country.

This is a history of an intelligent woman who moved west, lived through the Civil War, and associated with leaders of the women's suffrage movement. She was thus a witness to the cutting edge of mid-nineteen century American life. And as it turns out, she also left a trail of published newspaper articles and copies of letters to her friends and associates that have survived until today.

I recommend this book to anyone who has interest in the history of the Civil War era, the American western expansion, the women's suffrage movement, or the lives of ordinary Americans who lived over 100 years ago.

In terms of full disclosure, I am a personal acquaintance of the author. I read the book a couple years ago, soon after it was published.