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The Ghost War - Alex Berenson This book is a geo-political adventure thriller novel with the basic required contents; (1) tough guy, (2) attractive woman, (3) danger and violence, (4) threat of more danger and violence, and (5) international intrigue tuned into current events. Also, any of the characters in the book may be wiped out at any moment, except for that tough guy and his attractive woman. The plot is based upon the premise that the People's Republic of China wants respect for its military power that is commensurate with its rising economic power. The plot involves China and the USA playing brinksmanship with the threat of war. I don't think I'm giving too much away to say that war is avoided in the end. I found it interesting to note that near the end one of China's leaders says war with America isn't needed because China will obviously prevail in the end without war. The writing is a direct (not subtle or nuanced) telling of the story which makes it an easy read.

I got this book by accident. I put a hold on the audio version of it from the library thinking I was getting the book Ghost Wars, which is a non-fiction book. The audio book The Ghost War was available several months later, and when I pick it up I was a bit puzzled over why I had requested it. With the passing of time I had forgotten what book I had intended to get. So I listened to it thinking I'd eventually remember the reason for getting it. Now that I am finished with the book I've figured out that it was a mistake. Oh well, my bookshelf needs some variety.