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Day After Night - Anita Diamant This is an excellent example of a historical novel that successfully develops about a dozen characters (four in depth), each with their own personalities and fits them into a significant historical event. The event in this case was the successful escape of about 200 detainees from an internment camp for illegal immigrants in the British Palestinian Mandate in the 1945 pre-Israel era. The detainees were made up of holocaust survivors each with their own story. Their families had been wiped out, and they didn't feel comfortable staying in the Europe that had treated them so badly. They want to live in a country with others of their own kind. Thus ending up as prisoners was an emotional thing for them. And in the end when they escaped it was doubly emotional.

It is a story that deserves to be remembered and appreciated. However, the book ended up coming across to me much as a tale of coed dormitory life. I believe the author did a good job in the way she developed the story. But it just wasn't my kind of book.