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Assassination Vacation - Sarah Vowell Those who listen to PRI's This American Life and then happen to listen to the audio version of this book will immediately recognize the sound of the author's voice. This book is similar like her radio essays except longer. She tells the story of visiting the sites related to the assassinations of three American presidents. She has a self depreciating way of finding humor and irony in everything she sees or does. So it comes across as funny commentary about a serious subject. Thus you can be entertained while learning interesting facts about American History.

My favorite quotation:
"You know you've reached a new plateau of group mediocrity when even a Canadian is alarmed by your lack of individuality."
Before my Canadian friends complain, let me explain that I think the above is equally funny with any other nationality inserted.

Here's another one:
"That’s how ugly the scandal was--that turning human flesh into shrimp bait was the positive spin."
I'll let you wonder about the context for that comment.

The narrative branches out in unpredictable directions in a style that is almost chain-of-consciousness. But the road to many laughs can't be straight.