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The Grapes of Wrath - John Steinbeck REVIEW FOR Celebrity Death Match Review Elimination Tournament ONLY

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Grapes of Wrath (10) (a.k.a trampling vintage)
Sound and the Fury (23) (a.k.a. soliloquy signifying nothing)

Over in this corner we have Grapes of Wrath (GW) with its clearly defined and understood message: workers unite, blessed are the poor, viva the revolution, his truth is marching on.

Over in the other corner is The Sound and the Fury (SF) in its smoky shadowy form: stream of consciousness, multiple meanings; numerous layers, italicized inner thoughts, obscure.

One is a cry against the injustice of a corrupt culture from the outside; the other an exposure of a dying culture from the inside. It’s the West versus the South. They're both heavy weights with strong reputations.

The battle begins.

GW attacks with the sword of justice cutting through the center of SF. Surely SF is decapitated! But no, it’s merely smoke and mirrors. SF can’t be killed. Its smoky form lets the sword pass through its body with no affect.

SF attacks GW with a suffocating fog of obscurity. GW staggers. GW falls. It can’t tolerate the smell.

It appears that SF has won.

The referee reaches to lift the hand of SF to signify its victory. But no! The ref can’t get a handle on SF. There’s no arm to raise.

The ref walks over to GW. GW is getting up. The ref. raises GW’s arm as winner.

GW shouts, “Don’t need no fancy write’n, truth’ll make you free.”