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The Politics of Jesus - John Howard Yoder Since being published in 1972 this book has been widely recognized as an explanation of anabaptist theology. The book’s approach is to study the Gospel of Luke and parts of Paul’s letter to the Romans to show that Jesus’ message was one of radical Christian pacifism in behalf of the cause of the week, poor, and disenfranchised. The book makes the case that Jesus had a social agenda that proclaimed the cause of a new society while not using violence to achieve those ends which in turn resulted in his crucification -- a punishment used for political rebels. This view of Jesus is generally accepted as being compatible with the thinking of anabaptist Christians because of its emphasis on how Christians live their lives in this world; as opposed to considering the message of Jesus to be strictly spiritual and not concerned with earthly injustices.

The Politics of Jesus was ranked by evangelical publication Christianity Today as the 5th most important Christian book of the 20th century.