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The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 - Lawrence Wright I read this book back in 2006 soon after it was published. I recently came across the following short review of it on my PageADay calendar and decided that it was worthy of adding to my Goodreads.com page.

The following is a review of the book from PageADay's Book Lover's Calendar for 9/10/08:
This is possibly the one book to read about extreme Islamic terrorism. Lawrence Wright’s research is exhaustive, and he has written a gripping, character-driven narrative that completely absorbs the reader. The book has won critical raves from every quarter. Dexter Filkins wrote in The New York Times Book Review that “the portrait of John O’Neill, the driven, demon-ridden F.B.I. agent who worked so frantically to stop Osama bin Laden, only to perish in the attack on the World Trade Center, is worth the price of the book alone. ‘The Looming Tower’ is a thriller. And it’s a tragedy, too.”
THE LOOMING TOWER: AL-QAEDA AND THE ROAD TO 9/11, by Lawrence Wright (Knopf, 2006)

The following is another short review of the book from PageADay's Book Lover's Calendar for 8/16/12:
A stately examination of the roots of Middle Eastern terrorism. In the lucid, evocative prose for which he is known in the pages of The New Yorker, Lawrence Wright illuminates the larger picture with telling details from the individuals involved. Starting back in the late 1970s, he explores the history of Al Qaeda, basing his analysis on interviews with more than 500 people to paint a vivid and frightening portrait of the lead-up to 9/11. Evenhanded, informative, riveting, it is “indispensable reading” (The Plain Dealer).
LOOMING TOWER: AL QAEDA AND THE ROAD TO 9/11, by Lawrence Wright (Vintage, 2007)