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The Breath of God: A Novel of Suspense - Jeffrey Small The novel begins with the main character going over a dangerous Himalayan waterfall. The story continues to plunge through additional dangerous situations all through the book, and the action doesn't cease until the end of the book. Along the way the reader is given a lesson in the similarities between the world's religions. The book is a combination of mystery/ thriller/ historical/ religious book based on a genre formula similar to The Divici Code except that this novel depicts certain conservative Christian evangelicals as the dangerous villains. It turns out that some of them feel threatened by the potential release of information that indicates that the historical Jesus was influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism, and some zealots are willing to kill to "save" Christianity.

It's a novel written for the popular reading audience so of course it features a couple (man and a woman) romantically attracted to each other. But I have to praise the book for being tastefully demure in its description of sexual encounters which is something that I can't say for most modern "popular" novels. The action bounces back and forth between the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, the American Bible belt, and the Taj Mahal in India. The descriptions of place are well done providing a sense of the tastes, smells and visual experiences of travel in India and to Himalayan Buddhist monasteries.