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Josiah for President: A Novel - Martha Bolton This is a political fantasy. It provides relief for those who are burned out from the recent presidential campaign. It's also a creative spin off from the Amish romance genre which seems to dominate the shelves at many Christian book stores.

The book is premised on a situation where the American electorate is so fed up with gridlock and partisan snipping in Washington D.C. that when a third party write-in alternative appears on the national scene that is headed by a plain spoken Amish farmer from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, it suddenly surges to the top of the polls.

It occurs to me that I can't say much more at this point without being a spoiler. So the rest of this review is hidden. Click on the following to view the spoiler.

The Amish man does indeed win the election. All things Amish becomes the new fashion fad (i.e. hats, suspenders etc.). There's a barn raising behind the White House and the nasty politicians begin to warm to the Amish charm. After a year in office he is assassinated. The nation is so shaken by the incident that the politicians stop snipping, gridlock is broken, and Washington D.C. begins to function like it is suppose to.

See! I told you it was a fantasy.

The premise of this novel is so implausible that I read the book to see how the author could make the story hold together. In that regard the author did a pretty good job.

The enthusiasm of the electorate for a previously unknown running for president reminded me of the early days of the Ross Perot candidacy in 1992. So maybe it's not so fanciful after all.