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The Center of Everything - Laura Moriarty I read this before my Goodreads.com days, thus I've not written a review of it. However, today's PageADay Book Lover's Calendar had the following review which reminded me of it. This book is one of my all time favorite books.

A completely satisfying coming-of-age novel that manages to give you exactly what you expect from the genre, while always feeling freshly insightful. Ten-year-old Evelyn lives in Kansas, which she has been raised to believe is the exact center of the universe. Born optimistic, she manages to hold on to her essential hopefulness through the challenges she faces with her struggling single mother, as well as with the very familiar (and endlessly relatable) dramas of adolescence and young adulthood. A deft and winning read.
THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING, by Laura Moriarty (2003; Hyperion, 2004)