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The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work - Alain de Botton We are all descended from a long line of hunter gatherers who didn't survive unless they continued to consistently hunt and gather. Today we call it work. And except for the fortunate few born with wealth, we all are required to spend a significant portion of our lives working in order to survive. Which raises the question, should be expect a sense of fulfillment from our work, or is it a burden to suffer in order to survive?

This is a book of essay-like musings about work in its various forms, and with a mixture of humor and serious questions explores the meaning of it all. The author tags along with a variety of workers and artisans and successfully conveys to fact that our civilization runs on millions of different obscure jobs performed by millions of people who are highly skilled at their various tasks. Meanwhile we all keep living on the fruits of a global economy oblivious to the complexity of it all.

If this book provides conclusions or answers to the meaning of it all, I missed it.