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Encore: Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life

Encore: Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life - Marc Freedman This book puts a positive spin to the prospect of the post WWII babyboom generation reaching retirement age. This book suggests that babyboomers will use their early retirement years to find meaningful and fulfilling work to take the place of their careers that they endured in order to make a living. Underlying this rosy scenario is the fact that if the babyboomer generation instead decides to retire to a life of unproductive leisure that the U.S. economy will simply not be able to sustain the ratio of working population to that of the retired.

The book provides numerous examples of retired persons who have found meaning in "encore" careers. The book then provides suggestions for providing incentives to encourage productive work or volunteerism among retirees.

I mostly agree with the general premise that meaningful work is probably better for the mental health of retirees than a life of leisure. However, I'm cynical of the suggestion that the babyboomers will be significantly different from previous generations. In other words, I think us babyboomers, on average, are just as greedy as any other group. There will be plenty of grumbling if incentives are put in place that encourage us to work or volunteer after retirement.